WARNING: blister sunburns in CHILDREN increase risk of skin cancer!

Melanoma is the most feared form or skin cancer. This is because of the high mortality rate. There are many risk factors for this deadly disease but one of the lesser known risks occurs during childhood. When parents fail to protect their kids from the sun, they can suffer blister burns, which are known to raise the risk of that child developing Melanoma in adulthood.

According to researcher Abrar A. Qureshi, MD, professor and chair of the Department of Dermatology at Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, overexposure to the sun is a serious threat in both childhood and adolescence.

“Parents may need to be advised to pay more attention to protection from early-life sun exposure for their kids in order to reduce the likelihood of developing melanoma as they grow up†Qureshi said in a press release.

Steps you can take to protect your kids:

  1. Village Health has long urged patients of all ages to limit sun exposure during the peak times of the day (10 am- 4 pm) for sun intensity during the months of May through September, but especially during the summer months. When going outside for more than 20 minutes, wear head cover and/or sunscreen of 30 SPF or greater — best to keep a tube in the car or backpack.

2. Follow the UV Index every day during the summer months. It’s available on most weather advisory platforms on the web. Here is a widget that you can add to your browser:

3. Take particular care of children with fair skin, freckles, red hair, blue eyes or any family history of melanoma.

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