Summer Health Update

The summer is here and the livin’ is easy

Well, unless you have a bee sting, poison ivy, ankle sprain or an exacerbation of your asthma and allergies! But, whatever your problem, our experienced Village Health staff is standing by to help you and your family weather your “summer storm”.

That’s why we’re here for you and we’ve been getting busier each week. Right on schedule, we’re transitioning from the spring Strep infections and tree pollen allergies into the above summer maladies and many more. Or course, our staff has seen it all in our 15 years in the North Macomb community — 13 of them were open 24/7 every day of the year.

Due to the ongoing staffing crisis, Village Health has had to reduce hours (we hope temporarily). We’re now open from 8a-8p except Saturdays — 8a-12 noon and we’re closed Sundays.

Despite our change in hours, our ability to deliver comprehensive urgent, family and occupational healthcare at a high level of proficiency has not changed. If anything, it’s better than before. We made it through the Covid pandemic and are stronger for it. Our seasoned staff is “leaner, but not meaner”. So, whether you’ve been to Village Health before, or you’re new to the area, please stop on by.

We’re here for all your urgent care, family medicine and business health/occupational needs. Call (586) 752-7256 to schedule an appointment — or just let us know you’re on your way in!

For a list of the most common summer illnesses and injuries see this site:

Here’s more about what kind of services Village Health offers year round:

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