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The Shape of Care to Come

In recent months, the vague outline of a new Telemedicine system, that will allow doctors to diagnose and treat patients online, has come into sharper focus. This is just one of many advances that are in the pipeline of the medical entrepreneurial community. Let’s consider the future landscape, the shape of care to come, if […]


“Flesh-eating bacteria” — just the facts

Unfortunately, “flesh-eating bacteria” (medical name: Necrotizing fasciitis) has been in the news again lately and fear of this frightening condition is spiking.  A few important things to be aware of: 1. While usually devastating and often deadly, necrotizing fasciitis (NF) remains very rare. Despite high-profile cases, it is not believed to be on the increase. […]


Welcome to My Village Health website!

Hello and welcome to the newly updated website.