Helmets recommended as tornado protection

Head injuries are the most common cause of tornado-related deaths. As a result, preparedness experts are increasingly recommending the kind of head protection afforded by common sports helmets. The next time you notice that ominous change in the sky’s color to dirty green and you hear the siren’s blare, you should reach for the nearest bike, football or ski helmet on your way to the basement. Better yet — according to experts at the Centers for Disease Control — have a helmet for yourself and each family member already stored and waiting in the basement or other shelter. “Looking for a helmet in the few seconds before a tornado hits may delay you getting safely to shelter”, according to a statement just released at the Centers’ Emergency Preparedness and Response website.

Learn to spot a tornado before it’s too late.

Signs of an approaching tornado include:

  • the sky turning to a greenish black color
  • debris dropping from the sky
  • sounds similar to a waterfall or rushing air or freight train.
  • A funnel-shaped cloud appears with other clouds moving quickly towards it.
  • Large pieces of hail falling

Make sure you have a simple emergency plan known by each member of your household and review it periodically both before and during the tornado season. Best of all is to conduct a brief tornado drill so everyone is familiar with the procedure in the event you see that warning text scroll across the bottom of your t.v. screen.

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