Village Health Urgent Care: Affordable and reliable care

by Chris Gray
Observer Staff Writer
Wednesday, February 26, 2014

With all the health care changes going on today, Macomb County’s only 24-hour urgent care center is working to make it easier to afford quick and reliable care.

Since 2008, Village Health Family and Urgent Care has provided 24/7 medical care, including anytime access to many of the treatments offered in hospital emergency departments.

As medical insurance evolves in the U.S., Village Health is using cutting-edge strategies to provide health care without all the overhead costs typically associated with doctor visits.

Village Health co-founders Philip O’Halloran, MD, and Chad Mika,DO, said the facility is planning to offer a Direct Primary Care program, which will reduce insurance administration, allowing the delivery of health care through a direct relationship with patients and businesses.

“We think that there is a tremendous amount of overhead from insurance companies,” O’Halloran said. “You shouldn’t necessarily involve the insurance ‘middleman’- and all those layers of extra administrative cost- for things like a sore throat or bladder infection.”

He said the plans work by having a “narrow network,” which, in this case, would be the Family Practice services offered by Village Health and their referral network of specialized physicians. A “wraparound” policy would be included for advanced care like hospitalizations and surgery.

“It’ll probably be a higher deductible but a low rate, very affordable,” Mika said.

The self-funded health care program, which will allow companies to save up to 30 percent on their employee coverage, is set to launch later this year. Businesses are encouraged to contact Village Health with any questions.

“We believe we can save substantial amounts of money for local companies who are scrambling to try to find a way to afford the new demands on their employees’ insurance coverage,” O’Halloran said.

On top of making health care more affordable, Village Health is also making it more convenient through tele-medicine. Patients will be able to use the facility’s website to communicate with doctors via real time video to take care of problems like skin rashes or sinus infections without having to leave their homes.

These new initiatives will combine with Village Health’s recent “24-Care” program of patient care continuity to enhance its position as a unique and affordable 24-hour “patient-centered medical home”(PCMH).

O’Halloran and Mika have a combined 35 years of experience, drawing on backgrounds in emergency medicine to make treatments and procedures normally found in emergency rooms like I.V.s, EKGs, digital X-rays and complex laceration repairs available to patients any time, every day of the year.

Non-emergency practices are available 24/7 as well,from something as simple as addressing a cough to monitoring
blood glucose levels or blood pressure.

“We can keep the costs down by not having to ship people off to the hospital for various conditions like pneumonia and dehydration,” O’Halloran said.

Companies already turn to the center for their injured workers and other occupational health services like drug and alcohol testing, preemployment physicals and pulmonary function and mask fit testing.

Being located in the Orchard View Medical Complex also grants patients convenient access to diagnostic imaging, orthopedics, oral surgery, physical therapy and a pharmacy.

Regardless of the care provided, Village Health tracks a patient’s medical history and progress so their clinical information can go with them, even to other facilities, and is available all hours of the day.

“It’ll be a year of a lot of really exciting changes going on, and, at the same time, we’re going to continue to deliver high-quality, around-the-clock care,” O’Halloran said.

Village Health is located at 12150 Thirty Mile Road inside the Orchard View Medical Complex. Call (586) 752-7256 or visit for more information.

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