Village Health Family and Urgent Care: Offering 24/7 premium care

Observer Special Writer
February 29, 2012

Village Health group photo

Village Health Family and Urgent Care just celebrated its fourth anniversary in February. While many practices celebrate anniversaries, this one is special because they’ve also set an unofficial record for this area — they’ve been operating 24/7, 365 days a year since the day the doors first opened in 2008.

Not only is Village Health a one-of-a-kind facility in the Romeo/Washington area, they’re also Macomb County’s only 24-hour urgent care center.

Beyond the always-open hours, another aspect that makes them unique is the type of urgent care they’re able to provide. According to co-founder Philip O’Halloran, MD, “We are a step up from the average urgent care and offer many services found in emergency departments such as I.V.’s, EKG’s and cardiac monitors, digital x-rays and complex laceration repair. Of course, patients with life threatening conditions still need to call 911, but that’s not always apparent at the outset so we focus on being prepared for the worst.”

In keeping with the expanded care, the office also makes next day follow-up calls to patients to check on their condition.

While doing all of this on a 24-hour basis might seem like a lot already, there’s still more. Village Health also offers non-emergency family practice on a 24/7 basis, focusing on wellness and preventative medicine. For example, if someone needs frequent monitoring of their blood glucose levels or blood pressure but it’s tough to make it to their own doctor, Village Health can do the testing any time of day. They’ll also coordinate information and whatever else is needed with an outside primary care physician so the patient doesn’t have to worry about it.

Much of that part of the process is handled through the use of electronic medical records. If a patient is traveling and a doctor needs their records right away, key clinical information is always a simple phone call and fax away — even at 3 a.m. “We take the time to make sure all the aspects of care fit together,” added co-founder, Dr. Chad Mika. “We like to make it easy on the patient.”

Many local businesses also enjoy Village Health’s occupational medicine services, which include comprehensive care of the injured worker, drug and alcohol testing and pre-employment physicals. With all of these premium services, one might think this would be the most expensive place to go for care, but that is not the case. Both patients paying out of- pocket as well as insurers will find costs are typically only 20-25% of that of a similar visit to an emergency room. There are few offices like Village Health in the U.S. and O’Halloran is proud to say that their model of 24-hour premium urgent and family care at a reasonable price takes at least one small step toward fixing rather than growing the national healthcare crisis.

Village Health is located at 12150 30 Mile Rd. inside the Orchard View Medical Plaza, first office on the right. Phone (586) 752-7256 or visit their website for more information.